6 Ways to Boost Your Health With Propolis

6 Ways to Boost Your Health With Propolis

Honey isn't the only marvel to come out of the beehive. Bees also make Propolis, which is a resinous material used to "glue" the hive together. Boasting antiseptic properties, Propolis is an effective remedy for many health ailments, making it an amazing (and affordable) addition to your medicine cabinet. 

1) Natural Antibiotic 

Studies have shown that Propolis offers powerful antibiotic properties that are an effective agent against many bacteria, including staph.

2) Supports the Immune System

Taken simply as a tincture, Propolis extract helps boost the immune system, giving you that "kick" you need when you feel the first signs of a flu coming on.

3) Wound Health 

As Bees use Propolis to repair the hive, humans can use it to repair our skin too. It works well when applied directly to minor burns, cold sores and cuts on the skin. 

4) Dental Care

As chemical-free products gain popularity, natural dental care has gained more attention. Propolis promotes oral health due to its antimicrobial properties and the fact that it works well as a sealant.

5) Effective Ear Infection Treatment

A compound in Propolis has shown to be effective at easing inner ear inflammation, and its antibacterial properties will help kick infection fast. 

6) Cancer Fighter

While the research is still out on this, it is inspiring to know that Propolis has shown to hamper cell growth in both cervial and prostate cancer cells. Perhaps that is why several ancient civilizations were aware of the healing elements of Propolis and made extensive use of many of these properties. 

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