How Ginseng Will Make You Sing

How Ginseng Will Make You Sing


When it comes to health food supplements, its easy to feel like there is always a new trend to try, which is why we encourage you to stick with the tried-and-true.

Ginseng is one of the most popular herbal supplements in the US, due to its long history of benefits and uses.

Stakich Ginseng products are derived from six year old wild-harvested ginseng root, which is how old the ginseng must be in order to benefit from its use. 

Revered for its ability to promote energy, improve mood and boost endurance, Ginseng is considered the most potent adaptogen. This means that while it supports the immune system (coldbuster!), it also helps to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels during times of increased physical and mental stress. So put down that stress ball, and try a spoonful of ginseng to achieve a natural balance of mood.


Additional Benefits Include:

  • Cognitive Booster: Ginseng can help improve working memory in both young individuals and elderly adults. The stimulation in neural activity can aid in preventing Alzheimer's, dementia, and other cognitive disorders.

  • Sexual Performance: One of the common traditional beliefs of ginseng is that it is an aphrodisiac. Men who experience erectile dysfunction can use it to help as a natural solution.
  • Diabetes and Weight Management: Ginseng has anti-diabetic properties which helps reduce blood sugar levels and suppression of appetite.
  • Cancer Inhibitor: Early research shows that Ginseng has anti-cancer properties that appear to suppress tumor growth. Studies are still being done to confirm this.


How To Use:

There are some great and easy ways to incorporate ginseng into your daily lifestyle. For one, cooking is an exciting way to add extra nutrition to your next meal. Ginseng root powder is a great addition to homemade soup and stew and can be easily sprinkled into smoothies and cereals. Also, you can add it to hot water and sweeten with lemon and honey to make a nutritious tea.

Even easier is to add liquid Ginseng extract to your tea or morning beverage, or keep it on hand to add to your water bottle before or after a work out. Your body will thank you later!
Ginseng Root

PLEASE NOTE: If you're new to ginseng, please be careful. Ginseng can cause negative reactions in the body to those who are not familiar with it. You can experience upset stomachs, headaches, sleep issues, and allergic reactions. While these are usually mild, you should still consult a medical professional before adding it to your regular diet or supplement regimen.

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