Health Lover's Variety Gift Set

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All Natural No Preservatives Raw Gluten Free 

This variety gift set of hive superfoods boasts some of the most nutritious elements from the hive. Buy it as a healthy treat for yourself, or give it as a great gift for anyone looking to add some premium quality health to their life. 


✔️ 12 oz Raw Honey Enriched with Royal Jelly supports vitality.  185 mg Royal          Jelly per serving

✔️ 4 oz Bee Pollen Granules supports energy.  185 mg Bee Pollen per serving

✔️ 12 oz Raw Honey supports overall wellness


  • 100% all natural, unprocessed, and unfiltered
  • Collected from unsprayed and pesticide-free Michigan wildflower fields
  • Raw Honey adds a delicate amount of sweetness and extra kick of immune boost to any tea or coffee
  • Our Raw Honey Enriched with Royal Jelly is the ultimate dynamic duo with vitality boosting properties 
  • Bee Pollen naturally contains protein, B-vitamins, and all 22 known essential nutritional elements providing you with the ultimate, non-jittery energy boost
  • Naturally cholesterol, sodium, gluten and fat free


We are dedicated to keeping our products as natural as possible to allow you to get the most nutritional value from your purchase. As with any unprocessed food, there may be a natural variance in appearance, texture and flavor profile, which can vary from batch to batch.

Store honey at room temperature. Do not microwave or refrigerate. Bee products should not be fed to infants under one year of age.


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