Royal Honey

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Stakich 100% NaturalRAWNo preservatives or fillersGluten Free

Stakich Royal Honey combines all four of the nature's finest gifts: Raw Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis in a perfectly balanced proportion to provide you with the most nutritional benefits. Only 100% pure, raw ingredients in the same state as found in the beehive are used. 

  • 100% all natural, unprocessed, and unfiltered so that all its attributes are fully preserved
  • No added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
  • All the nutrients are preserved in our no-heat blending process
  • Can be taken by the spoonful, spread on toast, or use to sweeten cereal or drinks
  • Naturally cholesterol, sodium, gluten free

Store honey at room temperature. Do not microwave or refrigerate. Bee products should not be fed to infants under one year of age.