5 Ways How Spirulina Can Supercharge Your Health

5 Ways How Spirulina Can Supercharge Your Health

One of the reasons we love our Stakich Spirulina Powder is because its great at helping to detoxify our bodies when we're feeling sluggish and weighed down. Spirulina is a high quality "superfood” that supports immune function, cellular health and increased energy. Some believe it to be the most nutrient dense food on the planet!

Although it was was hard to narrow down our other favorite reasons for loving Spirulina, here are the top-five reasons we add it to our juice, smoothies and other delicious recipes:

1) Plant-based protein: Along with the high protein content comes amino acids and Omega-3s.

2) Easily digestable: This make it great source of easily accessible energy

3) Vitamins & Minerals: While our Spirulina contains over 100 nutrients, most notable are Vitamin B, Iron & Calcium. 

4) Antioxidants: Help to detoxify the body and promotes cellular regeneration which...

5) Supports Glowing Skin: A well nourished body is evident both inside and out! 

We encourage you to give it a try! As with any supplement, it is important it comes from a good source, and we promise Stakich products are top quality. Our Spirulina is grown in freshwater ponds away from agricultural and industrial pollutants. It has been thoroughly cleaned and filtered, and then dried at low temperatures, to assure the nutritional value has been preserved. As with any new supplement, make sure to start slowly by adding 1 level tablespoon into your diet each day. 


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