6 Easy Ways To Add Bee Pollen To Your Everyday!

6 Easy Ways To Add Bee Pollen To Your Everyday!

No matter how you serve it, Stakich Bee Pollen is a health food full of protein, vitamins and minerals. But don't think its only appropriately served on top of your morning smoothie or yogurt bowl! Below are some of our favorite guilty pleasures that incorporate the vibrant supplement. 


Sprinkle Bee Pollen on top of popcorn for an added flavor and (healthy!) crunch


Dust Bee Pollen on top of dark chocolate for an extra boost of nutrition


Feel free to think outside of the yogurt bowl. Whether added to the batter or sprinkled alongside your favorite toppings, Bee Pollen makes a delightful addition to pancakes & waffles


Add Bee Pollen to your favorite peanut butter sandwich recipe


Top your favorite salad with Stakich Bee Pollen or stir the granules into salad dressing or marinade


You would be surprised how great Bee Pollen tastes on top of vanilla ice cream! Also great when served with fruit 

 Bee Pollen with Food


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