Antioxidant Smoothie

Antioxidant Smoothie

Here is another ahh-mazing @whatalieats recipe. With this one, she combines blueberries, cherries, lucuma, baby spinach, and bee pollen which are all antioxidant powerhouses! It's a perfect smoothie to make, especially on a Monday morning, when you might need a little diet reset and want to start the week off with a fresh slate.

The Bee Pollen on top let's your coffee maker have a day off. Since Bee Pollen is known for its natural energy boosting properties, you'll feel energized without experiencing the caffeine jitters or the mid-afternoon crash.

And, if you have a nut allergy, feel free to leave out the PB powder and replace it with unsweetened cocoa powder, and use coconut milk in place of the almond milk.


Ingredients & Directions


1 c. almond milk

1 c. frozen berries (blueberries & dark cherries)

1 scoop protein powder of choice

1 tbsp lucuma powder 

1 handful organic baby spinach

1 tbsp powdered peanut butter

Cinnamon, ice, and stevia to taste

Blend in a blender

Top with hemp seeds and Stakich Bee Pollen


Thanks @whatalieats! Be sure to check out all of her delicious creations on Instagram.

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