Plant These Flowers to Help the Bees

Flowers to help for bees

Want to do your part for the bees and help the environment? Its easy!

Plant an organic bee garden (using no pesticides or chemicals), where our little friends can forage in a safe and abundant environment.  Be sure to check the soil you use to make sure you're using organic planting soil. Here's a sampling of what to plant and when is the best time to plant them:

Blueberry Blackberry Aster
Borage Catmint Beggar's Tricks
Cotoneaster Catnip Borage
Crabapple Chives Coneflower
Cranberry Cilantro Cosmos
Foxglove Hyssop Goldenrod
Heliotrope Lavender Poppy
Hazelnut Raspberry Pumpkin
Heather Sunflower Sedum
Primrose Sweet Asylum Squash
Sage Yarrow Tulips
Thyme Zinnia


Flowers to plant for bees

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