Comb Honey

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Stakich 100% NaturalRAWNo preservatives or fillersNo fat cholesterol sodiumGluten Free

A delicacy of nature, our Comb Honey comes straight from the hive: unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed. It is hand-cut from the frame and boxed, with no additional treatment or processing. Paired well with cheeses and fruits, our Comb Honey is a great compliment to a cheese and charcuterie plate. 

  • All natural, raw, unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed
  • Pair with cheeses, fruit, and cold cuts as a gorgeous and delicious spread for entertaining 
  • Spread on toast for a simple, healthy treat
  • 100% edible 
  • Light in color, and has a distinctive lingering, buttery finish
  • Naturally cholesterol, sodium, gluten and fat free


We are dedicated to keeping our products as natural as possible to allow you to get the most nutritional value from your purchase. As with any unprocessed food, there may be a natural variance in appearance, texture and flavor profile, which can vary from batch to batch.

Store honey at room temperature. Do not microwave or refrigerate. Bee products should not be fed to infants under one year of age.